Novex Prime - Preworkout

Train Harder and Crush Your Workouts

Prime Pre-Workout Powder is the DELICIOUS supplement mix that boosts your FOCUS and ENERGY to get your BEST workout, every time.

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Train Harder
Feeling weak halfway through your workout? Want to give your body an extra boost of power to make those weights feel lighter? Prime’s blend of ingredients can supercharge your body and give you the explosiveness to crush your workouts. Get more out of your training today.
Bigger Pump
Hate when your muscles look flat even after a workout? Not seeing a difference no matter how many sets you do? Leave the gym feeling and looking the way you want with Prime Preworkout Powder — our heavily researched and tested compound helps you squeeze every drop from your workout to create a bigger pump effect.
More Endurance
To take your body to the next level, you not only need more power and strength to handle your workouts, but you also need the endurance to last until the finish. Prime’s unique formula fills your energy tank to the very top to help make your last set the best set.
Sharpened Focus
Have you ever heard top athletes talk about that invincibility they feel when they’re “in the zone?” Every set and every rep feels amazing. Every exercise is deliberate. Every weight feels lighter than it did before. Reap the rewards of laser-like focus and see the difference in your workouts.
Skyrocket your Energy
Had a long day and feel flat when walking into the gym? Looking for that pre-workout jolt without those dangerous side effects you hear about? We poured a ton of time and energy to create a unique formula that gives your body what it needs to wake up and feel great — for less than the price of a cup of coffee per serving.
Tastes Amazing
Novex Biotech Prime™ is full of functional compounds that are challenging to mask with a good flavor, but were able to overcome this with a great tasting Blue Raspberry and Fruit Punch flavor mix. Try it yourself. Why punish your taste buds with a bad preworkout supplement?