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The first and only oral compound shown to increase the body’s natural growth hormone levels by 682%. GF-9 is a dietary supplement that raises the naturally occurring hGH levels in the body* without the cost or controversy associated with synthetic injections. hGH has been associated with decreased body fat, increased lean muscle mass, increased energy, and regained stamina and vigor.


The key compound in this breakthrough testosterone-boosting product has been shown to increase natural testosterone levels by 42.1% in only 12 days!* Healthy testosterone levels are associated with intensified libido, increased muscle and strength, and improved energy and drive.


The scientifically formulated compounds in GF-9 and TestroVax have been perfected with over a decade of research, backed by clinical trials with real people. These two products work together to naturally enhance your own body’s production of the two critical hormones that make a man — hGH and testosterone.*

These two products together are the premier solution for enhanced performance in the boardroom, bedroom, and the weight room.

Never settle for second-place products. With GF-9 and TestroVax on board, you can turn back the clock, get your edge back, and feel like yourself again.


The team behind Novex Biotech® has two decades of experience in the business of designing custom formulations specifically to address the real-life needs of our consumers. The resulting innovative products are available at high-end retailers across the nation and worldwide.

Because of our reputation for excellence in products and services, we have built strong business relationships with some of the leading pharmaceutical and nutritional development companies in the world. Our collaboration with industry leaders in contract preclinical research and development provides us with access to cutting-edge discoveries at the forefront of our industry.

These collaborations enable us to develop and bring to market proprietary formulations and one-of-a-kind products under the strictest standards.

We never take shortcuts, so it’s no surprise that our products are some of the best-selling, most sought-after formulations on the market today.

“At Novex Biotech, the premise of everything we do revolves around research. We approach our two primary goals — optimizing performance and improving fitness —by focusing on common physiological issues. We create real and lasting benefits for our customers. That’s why our real-life tested, research-driven products are the single most trusted source of body-optimizing solutions with unsurpassed results.”

-Dr. Amy Heaton, Ph.D., Lead Scientist