“Novex Biotech is the real deal.”

- Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq lost 5.6% body fat all while gaining 5.8 lbs of muscle.^

Shaq BeforeBEFORE
Shaq AfterAFTER

During Shaq’s 4-month transformation he worked with a personal trainer, followed a diet and exercise regimen, and supplemented with the Shaq Pack (GF-9, TestroVax, Oxydrene NAD+ Enhancer), and other vitamins and herbs. Results may not be typical and individual results will vary.

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“I'm more active, I sleep through the night, I have energy and I want to work out 2 to 3 times a day. That hasn't happened in about 10 years.”**

–Shaquille O'Neal AGE: 48
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Greg Norman

“I feel better, I have leaner muscle mass, my endurance is better, my performance is better.” **

–Greg 'The Shark' Norman AGE: 66

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A wise man once said, “getting old sucks.” But now you can put science to work to help fight the effects of aging by naturally boosting your growth hormone levels.* All without a single needle.


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As you get older, your body produces less testosterone. See how you can boost your T-levels naturally.*

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Oxydrene NAD+ Enhancer: the answer to the question “what if you could combine the wisdom that comes with age with the energy that comes with youth?”

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