The Best Pre-Workout Powder To Get The Most Out Of The Gym

 A tub of PRE-7 preworkout powder, a scoop of the powder, and a shaker bottle mixed with the powder in the foreground; gym equipment in the background.

You know what it takes to see changes in your physique: work. Physical work, work on your nutrition, and mental work. But just because you’re willing to put that hard work in doesn’t mean you can’t cheat a little, right? One of the best “cheats” for improving your performance during workouts – and seeing improvements even faster – is a clinically dosed pre-workout formula.

Pre-workouts are designed to support the underlying mechanisms that facilitate athletic performance. Basically, they can help you go harder, longer, for faster gains. This article breaks down our new pre-workout formula, PRE-7TM, to help you better understand what it can offer you.

Reduce Muscle Cramping from Electrolyte Loss
First, let’s start with one of the main differentiators. How is PRE-7 different from the sea of pre-workouts available on the market? It contains an electrolyte blend designed to help your body maintain hydration and combat muscle cramping from electrolyte loss.*

Why is this important? It’s no secret that exercise can disrupt the mechanisms that regulate electrolyte levels in your body. You work hard, you sweat, you lose electrolytes. This can lead to muscle cramps. And muscle cramps can lead to the frustration of having to end your workout early, which delays your fitness progress. Plus, they’re painful.

Rather than sucking down a calorie-filled electrolyte drink, you can take PRE-7, which contains a blend of electrolytes designed to help the body maintain hydration during prolonged exercise and mitigate muscle cramping from electrolyte loss.*

Energy & Focus
These are both no-brainers for a pre-workout, but let’s go beyond the obvious and learn more about energy and focus during a training session. Cognitive enhancement can play a huge role in improving performance. Why? As you get tired, your decision-making skills and motivation drop. This can lead to something as simple as ending a workout sooner than you’d planned, or to poor critical thinking that can lead to mistakes and injury.

Taking a pre-workout that boosts both your energy (so you can work out longer with less perceived effort) and your focus can help you see gains faster. PRE-7 gives you these benefits with 300 milligrams of caffeine. As a (kick-ass) side benefit, the caffeine in PRE-7 also promotes fat metabolism during endurance exercise, so if your goal is to get shredded, it can help you get there faster.*

Light-skinned, bearded man with 1 tattoo sleeve wearing boxing gloves and punching a speed bag.

Vascular Pump
The harder your muscles work, the more energy and oxygen they need. This is why during a workout, you may experience vascular pump: your body increasing blood volume to the muscles. It’s a temporary increase, but it can have long-term benefits.

You can give this natural process a little encouragement with PRE-7. Research shows nitric oxide induces vasodilation, which increases blood flow and boosts blood oxygen supply to tissues. PRE-7 contains creatine nitrate and l-citrulline, which increase levels of nitric oxide to amplify vascular pump.*

And finally, what would a pre-workout be without giving you a boost in performance? Beyond what caffeine offers, PRE-7 boosts performance with rhodiola rosea. The specialized plant extract included in PRE-7 has been shown in studies to boost VO2 max, a measure of fitness, and increase time to exhaustion. It can help reduce feelings of fatigue and increase strength and endurance training.*

Work Smarter with PRE-7
With PRE-7, you can expect the boost you need to optimize your performance during every workout. It checks all the boxes: increased energy, a boost in VO2 max, amplified vascular pump... even reduced muscle cramping from electrolyte loss. Don’t just work harder – work smarter with PRE-7.